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Casebook CCWIS ReadyCasebook Provider Management is an innovative Solution as a Service, built on the award-winning Casebook Platform, an evolution of the original SaaS human services solution, Casebook. Offering state-of-the-art features, Casebook Provider Management can be implemented as an individual module or as part of a more extensive solution set, such as the Casebook CCWIS-ready Child Welfare Solution.

Casebook continues to bring innovation to human services by using modern technology to empower human services workers in organizations of all sizes – from a 3 person nonprofit to a 4000 person human services organization. In addition to scalability, Casebook Provider Management and the Casebook Platform reflect the core tenets of Federal mandates across human services, such as the CCWIS final rule: modularity, flexibility, reusability, and interoperability.

Casebook Provider Management includes the following business applications:

cb: track– allows agencies to conduct the full life cycle of tasks for provider management, from provider onboarding, tracking applications, assigning licensing cases and home study inspections; to provider licensing, recording of ongoing compliance inspections and relicensing, provider licensing maintenance, and provider placement availability and matching. cb: track provides an intuitive workflow to complete all tasks and associated documentation (including paper and digital forms)

cb: admin– enables organizations to administer and configure Casebook to their unique needs. Administrators have the ability to create their own universe, or ‘sandbox’, using documented Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to quickly and efficiently make changes to forms or pages, enact testing and release to production

cb: mobile– supports users with an integrated real-time mobile solution and a consistent, secure experience, regardless of internet connection


Casebook Provider Management incorporates the latest technologies to further support an overburdened workforce, where time spent with families and children is of the essence. New additions to the solution include:

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing (NLP) enabling Hotline workers to reduce time spent inputting data by providing powerful AI tools such as real time association suggestion and talk-to-text. NLP technology focuses on the intake and capture of accurate data at the initial point of contact, achieving time savings by automating text review and inserting relevant text into pre-existing fields and/or newly created fields. Additionally, NLP uses AI to provide context for workers by automatically suggesting connections to existing documentation, involvement history, family support networks, and more. NLP provides the ability to exchange and pull data from legacy systems.


Mobility optionsMobility empowers users with full offline capabilities, integrating real time updates with the CCWIS or legacy system of record. cb:mobile allows users to: see applications assigned to them; complete and submit inspections for foster homes, group homes, and residential treatment facilities; complete forms and case notes in the field; upload files; and receive real time alerts and notifications. Data is encrypted, and once synchronized with the system, is removed from the mobile device, reducing security concerns should the device be lost or stolen.



To compliment the Provider Management solution, Non-profits or agencies may choose to upgrade their Search capabilities with other Casebook applications.

cb: investigatecb: index. Volumes of legacy data stored across systems require users to perform multiple individual searches. These systems are often difficult to search or report from. With cb: index, powered by the Elasticsearch service, users can save significant time by conducting one search quickly and reliably.


cb: index highlights include:

features check     Quicker, more accurate person searches

features check     Single search with multiple criteria

features check     Filterable legacy system data and contextual display of available information

features check     Existing legacy data populates and updates Casebook’s cb: index search service

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