Our Culture

At Casebook PBC, we strive to change people’s lives for the better. This commitment doesn’t just apply to our customers, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our employees have the flexibility and time to excel in both their professional and personal lives. To help achieve that goal, we have created a number of policies and practices designed to help employees find the right balance between work and non-work obligations, to let employees know that we appreciate them, and to allow employees to give back to the community.

Casebook PBC employees have the flexibility to telework and work a flexible schedule that suits their needs. While we still expect employees to put in about 40 hours of work per week, those expectations include flexibility regarding start and end times, to accommodate employee’s personal schedules and preferences, as well as the fact that our staff is spread out from coast-to-coast. For most non-leadership employees, it is rare to be asked to work nights or weekends, although some engineering and DevOps staff may be asked to monitor application performance and check for outages during non-work hours. We also offer a generous amount of paid vacation, sick and personal time, so employees feel comfortable taking time off to recuperate and relax.

We are proud of our parental leave policy, which fully pays the employee at their actual salary for all portions of paid parental leave, regardless of an employee’s gender role and whether they are welcoming a baby or older child through adoption or birth. Casebook PBC employees are granted 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave, and to help new parents transition back to work, we also offer 4 weeks of part-time work (20 hours per week) at full-time pay for employees returning from full-time parental leave. Additionally, employees are guaranteed job security during parental leave. 

Casebook PBC also endeavors to make employees as comfortable as possible in their day-to-day work lives. Human resources is constantly looking for ways to improve the employee experience, and regularly solicits feedback from managers and other employees on policies and procedures, to ensure that we are constantly improving on how we function as a company. We also provide a generous supply of snacks and beverages in our company kitchen, and regularly cater breakfasts and lunches for the office. Casebook also sponsors a monthly off-site happy hour as well as annual retreats and a holiday season party, to ensure that employees get a chance to know each other beyond work interactions.

Finally, Casebook PBC seeks to be a responsible, sustainable and compassionate public benefit corporation, and also encourages employees to embrace these values. Casebook PBC staff regularly plan events to allow employees to contribute to the general public benefit as well as the specific public benefit outlined in our founding documents. Casebook PBC encourages employees to give back to the community, particularly individuals in need, and donates supplies to children in care, homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters, and also supports employee mentorship of children and youth. We also strive to make ethical and sustainable purchases, and support local businesses and communities. 

Casebook PBC highly values and respects our employees, as well as the obligations created by our public benefit charter. We have embraced a culture that fosters employee happiness, as well as mission-driven work, and we endeavor to change lives for the better, both for the people we serve and the people we employ.