Tristan Louis

President & CEO

There are too few people harnessing the power of technology to improve outcomes in human services.Casebook is uniquely positioned to be THE company that will make a drastic difference by leveraging commercial-grade AI and mobility to solve some of the hardest challenges in society.


Nicole Reece

Chief Customer Officer

I became involved because I saw a need in public sector IT.  Technology moves at a fast pace,and I’ve worked in companies where we spent relatively large amounts of money in order to make better looking entertainment and it frustrates me to see technology under-serve the people who need it the most — caseworkers, social workers and their colleagues across human service agencies.  Casebook was our answer to government agencies having to spend millions on custom software only to have it deemed difficult to use by its employees. I believe the only way to truly understand how to best serve our communities in need are to understand what we are doing, what is working and what is not. In order for us to truly answer those questions, we must provide easy to use systems that helps workers collect and use data in their work.  


Jordan Jan

Chief Technology Officer

From the first and every day I walk into the Casebook’s office,it feels like a “Homecoming”.My two decades of experience as a technology leader had one singular purpose.Preparation to work with supporting Casebook leadership team and every single technologist to materializing Casebook’s values, mission, vision and strategies via technological innovations to address the hardest challenges facing the least privileges members of human society. The best part of the Casebook’s mission,is knowing we have no limitations of what can be achieved.We are already breaking the “norms” the SI giants have established the past 10,20 and even 30 years and are continuously getting positive feedback from all corners of Health and Human Services spectrum.


Brian Johnson

Chief Revenue Officer

When I first joined we were still a non-profit,which helped me make the decision to join.The idea of bringing the best technology to government agencies,like the one I worked for earlier in my career,was very appealing. Keeping a focus on improving human services through technology means I get to “do the right thing” in every client interaction.This is a key difference between Casebook and other companies in this domain.


Yi Liu

QA Lead

Casebook gives an innovation view of the human services system, it can be an elegant UI, easy to start, a flexible system without sacrificing security and stability. That mission and the outcomes of improving results in the Child Welfare System made me work here.


Allie Schraeder

Backend Engineer

I wanted to work for a company with a mission worth working toward.It’s highly motivating knowing that the products I’m working on will measurably improve child welfare.


Howard Yee

DevOps Engineer

I have worked from very large corporations,midsized,to small companies in my career.I enjoy the challenges and opportunities to work with new technologies of a small startup.CasebookPBC fit the bill along with the vision of a socially responsible company.


Nik Keating

Senior DevOps Engineer

I chose to join Casebook because I wanted to work for a company with a mission that meant something to me. The culture and the people make Casebook different.There is a greater sense of camaraderie that is often lost in larger companies.


Isabella Carroll

Customer Education Manager
I chose Casebook because I wanted to work for a mission-driven company. The Casebook culture really centers around how we, as a team, can provide the best experience for our customers who are making an impact in their communities. This makes coming to work each day meaningful and fulfilling.
Csaebook Patrick Headshot

Patrick Stewart

Technical Solutions Consultant

I believe technology should transform lives for the better. Sadly, technology is often created to devour our attention and sell ad views.  Yet at other times, it creates frustrations and complicates life because it has not been adjusted properly to fit into its designated purpose.  At Casebook I saw that both the purpose of the technology and the application of it within organizations enables people to do what they do better. 

Andrew Casebook

Andrew Pelletier

Technical Solutions Consultant

As soon as I became aware of Casebook,I knew I wanted to work here.We create a solution for some of the most stressful occupations in the world.By helping them spend less time with paperwork and more time changing lives,I feel as though we’re making a silent impact on the world.

Valerie Lounsbury

Valerie Lounsbury

Sales Enablement Manager

From the moment I met the team at Casebook, I knew I belonged here. Each staff operate with “all hands on deck”-which means that we are equally putting in work to make sure that our product is efficient, helpful, and meaningful- to those that we serve. I’m proud to be part of a team that truly cares about its product, its word, and its ability to deliver an exceptional platform to its users.

Jessica Headshot

Jessica Cooper

Account Executive
I wanted to work for Casebook because I have seen first hand how technology has positively impacted nonprofits and other human service organizations. Casebook is focused on “helping the helpers” and helping people is one of my biggest passions. The mission-driven mindset and positive company culture at Casebook was evident from the first moment I got connected and radiates throughout the company. I know that working with Casebook, I am going to help make a difference!
Cory Terrell

Cory Terrell

Account Executive

Coming from the nonprofit world, I have a huge heart for seeing organizations live their missions and visions to their fullest!

Once I found Casebook and realized that they also share in the desire to “help the helpers”, I knew it was an instant match.


Ryan Williams

Marketing Coordinator

I chose Casebook because I found out early in life that I wanted to help others. Before I was a marketer, I was actually a case manager so I know what some our prospects go through when facing difficulties with systems in place. Ultimately, I transitioned into a marketing career in tech to secure my future and get away from the case manager lifestyle. I was lucky to find Casebook and now my life goal is connected to the work that I do with this organization.


Ben Belanger

Senior Product Manager

“Human services and mental health care should be accessible to everyone. I believe that technology can aid in this goal by reducing the operational burden on organizations providing care. I’m energized to contribute to the Casebook team’s mission of helping human services organizations and workers do their best work.”


Anna Davis

Senior Customer Success Manager

“Casebook’s company culture interested me, as well as the opportunity to contribute to a mission-driven organization that focuses on innovation and really wants to make an impact through human services software.”


Margaux Troiano

Data Product Manager

I have always chosen my work based on mission driven values, and I love working at a place where we help the helpers.