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Equip your team with the best technology for case management and human services. Casebook makes it easier for nonprofit, private sector, and public organizations to fulfill their missions and deliver better client experiences.

Case Management software for human services organizations

Changing the Face of Case Management

Let’s say your client has just been released from prison, and you need to work with them to create a plan for their way forward. 

They’ll need services like employment skills training, housing, counseling, and financial support. You’ll need to help them connect with these services, and you’ll need reports to provide insight on what’s working for them and what isn’t. These reports will be critical as you apply for grants from foundations that support your organization’s mission. You need the right case management tools to effect that plan. 

You need Casebook, a mobile-ready system for managing your cases that’s purpose-built for human services yet configures to the unique needs of your clients, your workers, and your organization. 

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Streamline Your Case Management System

If inefficient paper-based records and spreadsheets have been holding your organization back, our innovative case management software can help you make the transition to digital organization quick and easy.

Centralize Client Care Information Consolidate all of your organization’s data into one place so anyone who needs it can get access anytime. With one reliable source of truth, you can get your whole team on the same page without having to track down notes, files, emails, or texts.
Get Rid of Paper Documents Reduce your reliance on physical notes, forms, and files. Our intuitive platform simplifies documentation while securing your information so your team can stop worrying about carrying around a pile of folders and maintaining cabinets full of paper.
Work From Anywhere Access your client information in or out of the office so you don’t have to spend time sitting at a desk. Our secure, cloud-based SaaS keeps client data confidential as you and your team enjoy the freedom of working from your mobile devices.
Skip Expensive Customizations Easily adapt preloaded functionality to suit your organization without waiting for product support from a vendor. Our purpose-built software puts you in control so you can avoid expensive services not included in standard purchase or setup costs.
Simplify Reporting Processes Be ready to pull the reports that funders and controlling agencies require of you. Powerful analytics and built-in reporting features enable you to quickly generate all sorts of reports to help ensure your organization’s health and compliance.
Solve Data Entry Errors Cut back on human error by simplifying your data entry processes. Our platform makes your operation more efficient so you can provide better client services with greater accuracy in your team’s notes, forms, and other documents.
Bring the Team Together Minimize the turnover effect with automated workflows and a single source of data for your entire organization. By streamlining communications across departments and geographical locations, Casebook helps your team deliver better client experiences.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

Helping others provide better services to those in need is central to our mission, and we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the finest leaders in human services to help them fulfill their missions.

Testimonial that attests to the functionality of Casebook

“We love Casebook. I use it so effortlessly that it’s been a big upgrade to our process, especially coming from paper and excel sheets. I love how easy it is to find a case by their client number — it was so time-consuming before.”

Lindsey Johnson | Health Educator, A Step Ahead Tennessee

Designed for Your Organization’s Needs

Our cloud-based software integrates a suite of configurable features to help teams prioritize cases, track client interactions, collaborate with workers inside and outside of their organization, and report their progress in a meaningful way.

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