Casebook Platform for CCWIS

The 21st Century Solution for Child Welfare

Child Welfare is in Casebook’s DNA

Casebook was originally incubated in the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the preeminent private philanthropy devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes. Casebook was designed to help the helpers (workers and administrators) by collecting and using data in a meaningful way that helps to improve practice and, ultimately, help improve life for kids in and around the Child Welfare system. Throughout the development process we’ve spent countless hours shadowing workers, listening to the challenges agencies face every day and working through solutions and we think the results are clear: Casebook is the best software on the market to support your transition to CCWIS or Direct IV-E.
  • Casebook has a proven track record of being implemented as part of a modular approach similar to that outlined in the CCWIS regulations.
  • CCWIS allows agencies to preserve their existing information technology investments.
  • Casebook is compatible with the bi-directional data exchanges specified in the CCWIS regulation. Casebook PBC has experience in integrating Casebook with both internal and external systems.
  • Data quality has been a priority in the development of Casebook, which already has user interfaces, automated reminders, notifications and case action items for workers and supervisors that enhance data quality. Additionally, the functionality included in Casebook already collects most of the data likely necessary for a data quality plan and bi-annual review.
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    CCWIS Ready

    CCWIS is an opportunity for states to build systems that truly meet their program, organizational and business needs.

    The Casebook Platform offers Title IV-E agencies functionality that can support the transition to a CCWIS system.

    External System Data

    Interoperability layer uses industry-standard RESTful web services to simplify the exchange of data.

    System of Record

    Built to support effective data collection and evaluation beyond standard tracking.

    Bidirectional Data Exchange

    Automates the exchange and simplifies the process of linking data across partners.

    Data Quality

    Ease of capturing narrative & structure info in a non-linear workflow, eliminating duplication and increasing value to the user.


    The elements can be blended in various combinations, allowing flexibility to create a solution based on your needs.

    Cost Efficient

    Common standards and modular design supports the separation of business rules from core programming.

    Focused on Outcomes


    Increase in children with recorded face-to-face contact with case manager in last 30 days.


    Increase in weekly average recorded visits with parents.


    Increase in the share of children placed with relatives (kinship placement).