Casebook for Foster Care and Adoption

The Casebook solution for Foster Care and Adoption is purpose-built, cloud-based software for human services. Our foster care and adoption software features support critical functions for foster care and adoption services-from recruiting foster or adoptive parents to documenting, assessing, and tracking homes, children, and families.

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cb Track 

cb Track for foster care takes into account the entire picture. It helps you communicate and manage effectively. Track a foster or adoptive child, parent, or home.

Also track adoption applicants and home studies with intuitive dashboard functionality that includes customizable forms, filters, notifications, and person-profile.

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cb Intake 

cb Intake provides a no-wrong-door point of entry solution to track calls, emails, attach documents, and report incidents related to foster homes and foster children and parents.

The application supports critical client-facing organizational functions such as onboarding or intake of information received online or phoned-in incidents or service requests.

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More Efficient Recruiting and Communication

Recruiting potential foster families or screening adoption applicants is just the first step-Casebook enables a digitized process that includes a client-facing portal for intake,and customizable forms for eligibility assessment,licensing,placements and long-term tracking.

Person profile

Person Profile

Attach files,view vital information,track progress and assess services,incidents and relationships for a full view of a person’s history of involvement, profile notes, application status and more.

Notebook and digital remote signature capture

Better Placements and Documentation

Place children with families based on your criteria. With custom forms, mapping and person-profile you can filter, assess and place with both the big-picture and important details in focus.

Files and Documents can be integrated into a paperless process

Customizable Forms

Digitized forms enable a paperless workflow that fits your organization’s needs – but you can also upload, attach, and associate information from paper forms and attach associated documents.

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Safe and Secure

Don’t lose your records to fire, flooding, theft, or data breach. Casebook is built to exceed state and federal security standards for data security and encryption.

customizable forms and workflows

Reduce Paperwork and Errors

Scan and attach photos, documents or files in the secure Casebook Cloud. 

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Digitizing the Foster Care Application Process

The balancing act between available foster families and children in need of foster care leads to a constant cycle of recruiting, training and licensing new foster families.

Digitizing your process can help with more efficient onboarding of new foster families, reduce data redundancy, and lead to better placements.


“It’s really helpful to filter by status, who’s done what and where they are in the license process so we can communicate effectively with providers which is one of our main goals – so this is perfect”-Crossroads NOLA

“The ability for our workers to get signatures out in the families home and complete forms on the go – I really like that.”-Concilio