cb Intake

cb Intake provides a no-wrong-door point of entry solution for human services information systems. Intake client service referrals, person-centric documentation, or incident reports brought into an organization’s information system.

Improve Communication & Transparency

The application supports critical client-facing organizational functions such as onboarding of new providers, like foster parents – or acceptance of online and phoned-in incident reports or service requests. Casebook natural language processing is AI technology that powers smart data processing through informed notifications, data association, and helping workers focus on the client interaction and not on filling out rigid forms or slowed down by redundancy. 

Improve communications
Files and Documents can be integrated into a paperless process

Collect Better Data for a More Comprehensive Story

cb Intake is a solution that can also be configured with other applications, such as cb Engage and cb Track – empowering workers on tablets or smartphones to document, receive files, and collect signatures from anywhere. 

Casebook enables human services organizations to have a more detailed and accurate person profile – so you can see a more comprehensive client story.

The Casebook Platform is comprised of modular applications

cb Intake is one of the business applications that comprise the Casebook Platform for human services. cb Access along with the other modular applications provide distinct functionality. Casebook solutions utilize these modular apps to form the Casebook Platform.

Casebook is purpose-built for human services