Casebook’s software is impactful, innovative, and easy to use. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to configure our platform to meet the specific needs of nonprofits and public sector agencies. 

Data That Matters  (X) | Meet Funder Needs (Y) | Customized Reporting (Z)

Data That Matters (X)

cb Reporting offers meaningful data to help supervisors, mid-level managers and agency directors to make informed decisions. Practice leaders can be sure they are directing their team’s limited resources to the critical situations, and identify practice issues most in need of attention.

Meet Funder Needs (Y)

Reporting requirements change when funders change. In this day and age you want to be able to easily adapt to these changes while also having the ability to maintain and measure historical data. This allows more in depth reporting analysis that help funders see specific changes over time.

Your organization should be able to share detailed data with funders and governing bodies more frequently without having to chase team members for it.

cb Reporting gives you the ability to build and export reports that show receiving parties exactly what you want them to see. This tool is here to help you stop wasting time and take your data practices to the next level.

Customized Reporting (Z)

  • Pre-built reportsaccess common reports to identify patterns and trends in their programs. Each report has interactive filters which users can customize to query the data per their needs. 
  • Customize reportsMake a copy of pre-built reports or build reports from scratch in order to meet your specific organizational needs. Filter selections, visualizations will remain as is
  • Customize visualizations … Change how charts and reports are presented from many different visualization options, including maps!
  • Close-to-real-time availability of data in reporting application
  • Presentation ready Export to excel, ppt, other formats for external stakeholders
provider management solutions for all social services agencies and nonprofits

Scalable and Purpose-built for Human Services Agencies and Nonprofits of all Sizes

The Casebook solutions can help agencies and nonprofit organizations across human services. Casebook Platform and is configurable and scalable, ready to serve the smallest nonprofit or largest government agencies with speed, security, and reliability.

Supports Critical
Business Functions

• Task management and calendaring
• Applicant onboarding
• Licensing, inspections and home studies
• Works with our without an internet connection while in the field
• Configurable to meet your changing policies and best practices
• Real-time dashboard and reporting for quick access to data
• Data interoperability with nearly any other system via API

per user pricing for human services software

Per-User Pricing that’s Cost-Effective

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