cb Access

cb Access works as a portal between ordinary citizens and people who work in human services. cb Access allows users to fill out forms and applications for human service providers and submit them electronically.

Notebook and digital remote signature capture

Collect Signatures and Documents

casebook technology allows for the digitization of your process

Integrated Digital Application Process

customizable client forms for human services

Track Applications, Statuses and Tasks

Keep track of applicants without a single piece of paper

Casebook’s cb Access application supports critical client-facing organizational functions for human services such as onboarding of new clients. 

cb Access provides a centralized place for scanned documents, signatures, and customizable forms – so organizations can easily track the status of applicants.

Files and Documents can be integrated into a paperless process
fast and efficient data management

Reduce Data Redundancy & Speed-up Your Process

Reduce double-entry and save time by allowing applicants to fill out information themselves digitally instead of via a paper form.

cb Access can help qualify applicants, assess requirements, and track status easily with a workload view for easy applicant management.

The Casebook Platform is comprised of modular applications

cb Access is one of the business applications that comprise the Casebook Platform for human services. cb Access along with the other modular applications provide distinct functionality. Casebook solutions utilize these modular apps to form the Casebook Platform.

Casebook is purpose-built for human services