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Keep all of your organization’s client information in one secure software platform that’s accessible anytime from your mobile device. Empower your team to access the cases and reports they need so you can provide better client experiences.

Casebook Community Services software is a cutting-edge solution that empowers organizations to provide exceptional service to their communities. By seamlessly integrating data management and offering real-time data accuracy and alignment, this software optimizes community-centered operations and ensures organizations are delivering the highest level of service.

Securely Access Your Client Data From Anywhere

Many community services organizations have struggled to keep up with new technologies that support their operations by enabling them to take a data-driven approach to helping their clients. These organizations often suffer from limited reporting capabilities that hamper their fundraising efforts, as well as wasted resources and an overall lack of alignment that can result in clients being lost in the shuffle of their day-to-day. 

To address these issues, your organization should consider adopting software designed for community services. That’s where Casebook comes in.

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Eliminate Redundancies Quickly update your records without having to re-enter the same client data with each interaction. Easily add context-sensitive notes and see them reflected immediately for your whole team so client information is always accessible and up-to-date.
Sideline Paper Processes Cut back on physical notes, forms, and files. Streamline your documentation so your organization can reduce its reliance on paper and cumbersome spreadsheets while keeping your client data safe in our secure cloud-based platform.
Simplify Data Entry and Retrieval Save time and energy while reducing human error. Use our mobile-friendly software to enter notes, complete forms, and extract data for analysis anytime and from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Enhance Reporting Capacity Be prepared to generate and distribute the reports that funders and controlling agencies demand. Use our platform’s preloaded report templates or create your own custom reports that help your organization ensure continued funding.
Testimonial that attests to the functionality of Casebook

"Casebook is the most user-friendly of the case management softwares I have used in my career. It felt like a particularly good choice for us as we moved from no software to our first one — the best fit I could find for our relatively young start-up nonprofit."

Danny B. | Executive Director, Cache Refugee

Features Designed for Community Services

Casebook’s suite of integrated features enables quick and easy tracking of all your client interactions, improves team collaboration, and makes reporting a simple click-by-click process.

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