Casebook for Domestic Violence and Victim Services

Casebook for Domestic Violence and Victim Services is a cloud-based software solution that supports call-center services and domestic violence programs.

We develop purpose-built human services software that is secure, available from any device, anywhere either online or via our mobile app.

Casebook for Domestic Violence & Victim Services Supports Help-Lines, Call Centers and Service Providers.

Casebook software provides call-narrative input with natural-language technology that will associate information on the person-profile of existing clients and help keep crisis center, help-line, or other service provider workers more engaged in the conversation and less encumbered by rigid data input.

Call notes, filters, reporting, and customizable forms are designed for configurability and reduction in paper-based workflows.

Administrative rights,Security and Reporting at the Forefront

Robust Controls and Security settings allow administrators to easily and quickly change user permissions, program configuration and create forms all on an intuitive dashboard.

Along with powerful reporting features that allow for data visualization, automatic reports, reporting to. Reporting for state compliance, VAWA and VOCA, or Federal requirements.

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Purpose-built for Mobility

Cloud-based and available on any device with a web browser, Casebook was built with mobility in mind. Responsive design means Casebook adjusts to your phone, tablet, or laptop so you’re ready to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Casebook provides our person-profile, electronic signature capture, and effective person tracking from intake call to service referral. Licensing, assessments, and long-term care tracking are all possible due to Casebook’s extensive configuration options. Your existing process can be digitized into a paperless process while providing the highest priority to security and privacy.

customizable client forms for human services

Customizable Forms

Digitized forms enable a paperless workflow that fits your organization’s needs – but you can also upload, attach, and associate information from paper forms and attach associated documents.

Person profile

Person Profile

Attach files, view vital information, track progress and assess services, incidents and relationships for a full view of a person’s history of involvement,profile notes,application status and more.

Crisis center call center hotline Natural language processing

Natural-Language Processing

When inputting information,workers can focus on the person on the other line while our NLP technology associates the narrative with crucial details,such as phone numbers,names,provider history,and more.You can set NLP to pre-populate information in new or existing client person-profiles.

Casebook is the platform for human services - a cloud-based software solution

Casebook develops purpose-built human services software for non-profit organizations and government agencies.Our mission is to provide enterprise-level solutions at per-user model pricing so organizations of any size can help victims of domestic violence on a mobile-ready and secure cloud-based platform.

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