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Casebook is a human services and social services software platform that allows organizations to securely manage and report on data.

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Lansing Police needed Casebook for police social work

“I don’t have to waste time driving back to the office to use a report writing system.”

Casebook Use Cases

Case Management Software

Human Services Inspections and Licensing

Are paper files and excel spreadsheets holding your organization back? Our case management software can help you make the transition to secure, digital data quick and easy.

Community Services

Casebook for Domestic violence and victim services

Community organizations often struggle with limited reporting capabilities that can negatively impact their fundraising efforts and lead to wasted resources. Additionally, lack of alignment can result in clients not receiving the proper attention. Casebook offers a solution through its software that aims to address these issues.

Foster Care & Adoption

Foster Care and adoption Services Foster Family

Our foster care and adoption software features supports critical functions for foster care and adoption services. Some of these functions include:

  1. Recruiting foster or adoptive parents
  2. Digitally documenting every step
  3. Tracking homes, children, and families entered into Casebook’s app

Youth & Family Services

mobile case management software

Our Youth and Family Services software enables your team to effectively provide human services those in need. This is achieved by giving you the ability to:

  1. Assess needs through custom form creation
  2. Tracking people or services
  3. Client/member intake
  4. Custom reporting on data that matters to you and your funders

Casebook is program management tool and is mobile-ready software available on any device.

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Casebook Technology

The Casebook platform was designed to keep important data secure so that we can safely grow with your organization

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