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The Spero Project

 How Immigration & Refugee Software Organizations Use Casebook


Searchable Database

Search Casebook for information on cases, clients, services, reports, etc.

Family and Support

Client Family and Support Groups

Track clients interactions with family members, service providers and volunteers

Referral Management

Referral Management

Easily keep track of where clients are coming from and going.

Casebook In Action

Child protective services and child placement

General assistance programs

Family case management

Substance/domestic abuse incident case management

Group program participation

Casebook Additional Features:

Support multiple programs delivered by your agency – all on the one platform purpose-built for human services. 

Capture and display vital information – client program involvements, service enrollments and delivery, and case notes over time to understand what action the agency has taken to date.

Case summary view that lets workers, supervisors, and administrators see most the important cases, and client-specific information in an easy to understand view.

Reduce data entry errors that can lead to disastrous results when safety is at risk by providing error checking and linking to a single-record person profile database.

Pre-populated forms, Reduce double-entry by pre-populating forms of any type with data.

Customizable workflows that help bring clarity and focus to cases with the ability to track progress, get notifications, capture notes, and meet deadlines. 

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