Casebook for Inspections & Licensing

Casebook is purpose-built, cloud-based software for human & social services. Features support critical functions for tracking people, homes, providers, locations, and programs through the entire licensing process – from recruiting to documenting, assessing, licensure and ongoing tracking and management and relicensure. Automated workflows and notifications streamline the process to help keep track of important dates and deadlines. 

Human Services Inspections and Licensing
Human Services Inspections and Licensing

From application through relicensure, Casebook has you covered. 

Casebook licensing software manages service provider licensing, tasks, file attachments of any kind, such as documents or photographs, as well as paper and digital forms. cb: track provides agencies and organizations the ability to track applications, assign licensing cases, and record ongoing inspections for compliance and license maintenance. 

Remote work-ready and available offline. 

Human services workers like Foster Care Licensing professionals manage large caseloads and spend a great deal of time in the field working with applicants and licensees. These workers need technology that helps them work in the field, regardless of access to the internet. 

Casebook provides users access to their assignments in an easy to prioritize dashboard (list or map view), enables completion of inspections and other related forms (home studies, safety assessments, etc.), and automatically synchronizes data back into cb: track. Users can also view and update information related to providers.

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Harness the power of AI and natural language processing technology

Citizens and mandated reporters are often the first to notice safety concerns or other issues related to a facility or licensee. Ensuring these reports are properly captured is paramount to a successful process.

With cb: intake, workers can capture reports of urgent risks and critical incidents from the general public or licensed service providers.  With an intuitive design and AI-enabled natural language processing to automatically extract relevant details from the narrative, the worker can complete reports faster and more accurately, improving the agency’s efficiency and response time.

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Casebook Security

Casebook provides our person-profile, electronic signature capture, and effective person tracking from intake call to service referral. Licensing, assessments, and long-term care tracking are all possible on our modular human service platform. The entire process can be digitized into a paperless process while providing the highest priority to security and privacy.

Casebook supports robust administration and security settings needed for human services

Customizable Forms

Digitized forms and applications enable a paperless workflow and improved application completion and approval rates.

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Integrated History View


A person, family or provider’s history builds with every interaction helping inform future actions and improve outcomes. 

Referral Management

Supports Facility and Home-based Providers

Programs like child care, foster care, and adult day care have unique requirements. Casebook is configurable to individual program needs.

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Casebook is the first platform developed hand in hand with caseworkers and purpose-built for human services. With modular support for both field and back-office operations — and flexible integration capabilities right out of the box — Casebook helps agencies tailor, deploy, integrate and continuously improve solutions that allow the focus to remain on the mission rather than the technology.

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