Note locking for human services

Note Locking

Limit the access to specific information without limiting access to an entire case or intake. Users will be able to select who, other than themselves and their supervisors, can view, edit and delete notes for data compliance.

Note permissions inside of Casebook's platform for human services organizations

Control Who Has Access

Locking Notes provides authors with full control over who can access their notes, allowing them to choose who can view, edit, and delete notes, in addition to themselves and authorized supervisors. This feature is particularly useful for community service organizations where volunteers assist with data entry and case managers fill out case notes or when protected notes, like therapy or clinical notes, should only be accessible to appropriate personnel.

  • Restricts access to confidential information, ensuring its security
  • Helps organizations meet compliance requirements
  • Maintain clients’ trust while protecting confidential information

Prioritize the confidentiality of your information by empowering yourself and your organization with Locking Notes, a standard feature included with all tiers of Casebook.

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Protecting Sensitive Information By limiting access to certain information within a case, organizations can protect confidential and sensitive information from being viewed or edited by those who do not need access to it.
Enhancing Collaboration With note locking, organizations can ensure that volunteers, interns, or other non-clinical staff members have access to the case information they need to complete their work, without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive information.
Maintaining Compliance By controlling access to information, organizations can maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and other laws that govern the handling of sensitive information. This helps organizations to avoid costly fines and repetitional damage associated with non-compliance.
Default Level of Access By default, anyone with access to the platform will have access to view, edit and delete your notes. When you restrict access, only the author and their supervisor will have the privilege to view, edit and delete the note. You can manually add additional users to the allow-list and set their permission level to view only, which is editable
Testimonial that attests to the functionality of Casebook

"In response to customer feature enhancement requests we have launched a new feature that allows users to restrict the note's access from other users. This new feature gives our users more flexibility to who they give Casebook access to, from volunteers to clinicians, you will now be able to keep note contents secure"

Bailey Barham | Senior Product Manager, Casebook PBC

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Restriction and access to Casebook's note locking feature