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Simplify Public Safety Social Work

Streamline the system you use for social work with flexible, purpose-built social services software that’s fully secure, easy to use, and accessible from your mobile device.

Police social workers do better when utilizing Casebook's software to efficiently manage service operations and ensure real-time data accuracy.

Digitize Your Social Work Processes

If you’re a social worker embedded in or referred by law enforcement agencies, courts, and fire and EMS response units, having a dedicated information system to keep your client data confidential is a must. As you work in the field, you also need quick and easy access to this data without having to go to the office when you want to see it. To accomplish this, you need intuitive software that can be configured for this unique kind of social work. 

In short, you need a secure cloud-based platform like Casebook.

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Quit Relying on Paper and Spreadsheets Free yourself from physical documents and unwieldy spreadsheets. Use our digital platform to streamline your documentation and see historical data in real time so you can stop wasting your energy on outdated systems.
Maintain Compliance With Security Frameworks Observe the key regulations that ensure data privacy. Our secure software enables you to stay compliant with HIPAA and PIPEDA while keeping your client information safely locked away and separated from other databases.
Generate Reports Quickly and Easily Pull the reports that you need for grant funders and controlling agencies without having to spend weeks preparing them. Built-in analytics and reporting features make it possible for you to assemble these reports with just a few clicks.
Work Anywhere, In or Out of the Office Access your client data and work from anywhere using your mobile device. Our cloud-based software makes it easy for you to help your clients where they are so you don’t have to go to an office and use a report-writing system.
Testimonial that attests to the functionality of Casebook

”I’m just so happy that I don’t have to work with that horrible spreadsheet to track what was happening. I like that I can see everything that’s happening with a client in Casebook. We are focusing on data entry now, but I pulled a contact (notes) and services report and I’m so happy with it.”

City of Lansing Police Department

Integrated Features for Better Public Safety Social Work

Our cloud-based software platform includes a host of configurable features to help you prioritize cases, track interactions, collaborate with others, and report on your work efficiently.

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