Human Services Software for Tribes and First Nations

Transform the way you serve your clients

Productivity Software

Pre-Built and Custom Reports

Monitor team performance, respond to updated reporting requirements from regulatory agencies or funders

CBK Email Calendar Integration

Email and Calendar Integration

Communicate and schedule meetings with clients, collaborate with service providers directly from a case.

Referral Management

Configurable Forms and Workflows

Digitize mandatory paper forms and match your existing processes without the need for expensive custom development.

Tribal Case Management Support

Casebook is more than Case Management Software

Casebook helps human services workers and social service administrators to prioritize their work and improve outcomes.

A unified person record provides a secure, holistic view of every action or service that has been accomplished – whether that person is involved in a case or just needs some help finding the right service.

With Casebook, users can have an accurate source of truth and can provide instant, real-time reports that can be configured to show what’s important to your team. With accurate data and configurable reporting, Casebook can be used to help improve the services provided.

Because we understand each tribe is a sovereign nation, we provide a full lifecycle solution that handles more than just Case Management. Whether it’s preparing federal reports, helping refer those in need to services, or managing a complex family services case, Casebook is designed for you.

Community Software Solutions

Some of the ways Casebook is used:

  • Eligibility and intake
  • Child protective services and child placement
  • General assistance programs
  • Community services
  • Family case management
  • Substance/domestic abuse incident case management
  • Foster care licensing and management
  • Group program participation tracking

How Tribes Use Casebook

tribal software solution

Family and Child Services staff benefit as members can review their personal information, review service and program eligibility requirements, and submit requests for services from home via Casebook’s “Email Into Case” Feature. Community members can track the status of their requests from the portal without the need to come to the office. Tribal staff can continue to engage and provide services remotely to the community members who most need help.

Enrollment staff benefit from improved member data accuracy, as members can interact with their personal member record anytime, anywhere, on any device. Casebook’s software is highly dynamic, enabling authorized staff to add online forms and make changes to cases to improve member engagement.

Casebook’s Enterprise Tribal Services Solution

Casebook is designed to support the complexity of data sharing between Tribal Member services. It provides a controlled view of Tribal Member Data to each service department.

Casebook’s platform provides a seamless solution for managing all aspects of Member Services for any size of Tribal Government.

Trying to connect a bunch of different tools, upgrading from spreadsheets, or an outdated system?

The Casebook Platform includes a suite of software that works together seamlessly, but API connectivity allows for you to work with tools you already use and integrate in order to form a single source of data.

Casebook Additional Features:

Support multiple programs delivered by your agency – all on the one platform purpose-built for human services. 

Capture and display vital information – client program involvements, service enrollments and delivery, and case notes over time to understand what action the agency has taken to date.

Case summary view that lets workers, supervisors, and administrators see most the important cases, and client-specific information in an easy to understand view.

Reduce data entry errors that can lead to disastrous results when safety is at risk by providing error checking and linking to a single-record person profile database.

User experience is intuitive, and all applications live in a cohesive and always up-to-date platform to make it easier to train existing and new workers.

Minimal setup and training, enabling workers to enter data for timely and accurate decision making at the case, team, and organizational level.

Customizable workflows that help bring clarity and focus to cases with the ability to track progress, get notifications, capture notes, and meet deadlines. 

Pre-populated forms, Reduce double-entry by pre-populating forms of any type with data.

Natural language processing enables powerful search, filter, and data association without the hassle of multiple screens or complex queries.

Tribal Organizations That Casebook Serves