Casebook Features

cb Engage Dashboard

Highlight Features in 2021

  • Calendar Sync: Set up and coordinate appointments for client care, improve transparency by sharing appointment information with attendees with less administrative overhead.
  • Cb Reporting: Six reporting dashboards, ready out-of-the-box, that summarize data entered by your users at the case level, provider level, and client level. Pre-built reports may be customized and saved or new reports may be generated by leveraging data across Casebook.
  • Dynamic Fields: Another way Casebook supports configuration to align with your organization’s needs! Administrators may relabel existing Casebook fields & add new sections or new fields to a Case Record. Casebook supports field types for different information capture: dates, numbers, checkbox and dropdown fields. Administrators may also hide fields.
    • Coming soon: Add new fields and new sections on Person Records.
  • Email to Case: A secure means for external parties to share sensitive information with users within CBP or for internal users to capture notes & attachments while in the field. Information emailed is added to each case as a note with a unique, unhackable email address.
  • Form-Based Reporting: Administrators may update forms in Casebook when policies or funder reporting requirements change – and see the changes in cb Reporting. Now cb Reporting includes a table for each form workers fill out. Tables include version numbers so administrators may track when information requirements change.
  • Workflows: Administrators can add/assign tasks, like filling out a monthly visit form to recur at regular intervals.
  • Zapier Integration: Zapier enables integration through an easy-to-use workflow builder interface and allows data to be passed from one application to another.

User Roles and Permissions

Every user in Casebook can have one or more roles, which dictates what they can see or do in Casebook. Some roles come with Casebook by default. You can make your own custom roles too.

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Add Attachments

You can attach documents like PDFs, images, and MP4 audio files to provider profiles, cases, and reports. They can include any relevant documents such as a copy of driver’s license or a training certificate.

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