Built-in Mobility

No more roadblocks. Casebook is available on any browser-based device. Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or Android device – Casebook is ready.

A Consistent User Experience

Consistency across desktop and mobile functionality means there are no user experience hurdles – and no more data redundancy, as info syncs in real-time.

Casebook is Enterprise-level Technology
mobile with gps tracking and signature capture

Work Effectively Anywhere

Users can see applications assigned to them, complete inspections, submit forms, notes and capture electronic signatures. No more keeping track of paper notes and files that pose security risks.

Collaboration and Transparency

Data captured in-the-field, onsite or in the office is immediately synced and available for collaboration – making time-sensitive decision making and communication more transparent and efficient.

foster care services software for mobile
foster home and foster child mobile service solutions

Mobile made affordable.

Casebook makes mobile-capacity affordable. No special devices, dedicated onsite servers, special technologists or added cost for mobile options. Mobile is offered standard with all Casebook packages.