Government Technology LogoCasebook has been highlighted in a Government Technology magazine article on technology innovations implemented by Indiana’s Department of Child Services.

Excerpt from the article, Indiana Leads the Way in Visualization, Mobility, and Analytics Integration (pdf)Although countless governments across the country can now claim some digital accomplishment, few have managed the wholesale transformation of government services in recent years better than Indiana, with its child and infant welfare efforts.

Over the past decade, the Hoosier State’s child welfare caseworkers have traded in notepads for mobile tools. They’ve also swapped out a cumbersome IT system for an innovative case management software pioneered by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. And in the state health department, officials have used highly sophisticated data analytics to take on one of the worst infant mortality rates in the country.

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Indiana’s efforts after 2005 were directed at “fixing” a legacy system to make its information more portable for caseworkers. When that failed to succeed, the agency began in 2010 to develop a more advanced information management system. In 2012, the agency implemented a new cloud-based child welfare case management system called Management Gateway for Indiana’s Kids (MaGIK). That platform uses innovative cloud-based software called Casebook, developed by a nonprofit supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Casebook offers caseworkers a variety of tools to aid their work, including collaboration support, graphic visualizations, and embedded metrics.