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Excerpt from the post, Innovations in Child Welfare Technology

Modern products, like Casebook, are designed based on caseworker practice in order to support the unique challenges and responsibilities of the child welfare space. While some agencies are forced to use multiple, often disjointed, systems and datasets, new products can integrate them in a central location for targeted outcomes. Casebook is designed specifically to support caseworkers by giving them valuable, up-to-the-minute information to guide their decisions, along with tools that make it easier to follow best practices to improve outcomes for kids and families. Behind Casebook is a group of leading UX designers and software developers, partnered with experts in the child welfare space, and supported by the Casey Foundation.

Further, Casebook’s unique person-based model collects and represents a child’s experience in care over time. In this way, important service and placement information keeps the focus on the child’s experience in care and combats the potential for a child to be “lost in the numbers.”