We were selected by the State of California’s Child Welfare Digital Services to develop the new open source digital service for intake that will replace the intake functions of the State’s 20-year-old Child Welfare System-Case Management System (CWS-CMS). Intake is the process by which child welfare professionals in California’s county Child Welfare Agencies investigate allegations of child abuse, neglect and exploitation.cwds

We are honored to be selected by the State of California’s Child Welfare Digital Services to develop the new intake digital service and help make the state’s most vulnerable children safer. California has taken the bold step of moving from the traditional model of government software procurement to a modern, modular, user-centered approach based on Agile methodology. California’s selection of our organization will raise awareness about the critical need for states to adopt technology that better supports everyone from the front office to the front lines.

California’s new Intake Digital Service will be easy to navigate, with an efficient way to record and access information regarding child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The new service will provide comprehensive information that allows child welfare professionals to make timely, informed decisions regarding child safety.

“Like California, more and more state leaders around the country are recognizing the need for innovative technology to drive better data, policy and practice,” said Patrick McCarthy, Chair of the Board of our organization and President of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. “We put improved outcomes for the most vulnerable children and families within reach, even as we are accelerating the transformation and integration of 21st century human services.”