CompTIA_LogoIn a bid to replace the state’s 20-year-old case management system, California’s Child Welfare Digital Services agency recently awarded Casebook PBC a contract to develop a new digital intake module. The first functional piece of the state’s innovative new human services platform, the technology will aid county welfare workers as they investigate allegations of child abuse, neglect and exploitation. That’s no small task considering California has nearly 25,000 case workers.

The platform development process will have several modules. “The agency is taking a modern, modular, user-centered approach with this project based on an agile methodology,” said Jacqueline Gombach, national director of sales and member of the Executive Council of the CompTIA Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG). “California wants an innovative system that will meet the specific needs of the agency. As an organization whose sole mission is to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and families through modern technology, we are uniquely positioned to help make that happen.”

When fully implemented, the complete platform will provide comprehensive information that child welfare professionals can use to make timely, well-informed decisions regarding child safety. “This project aligns perfectly with our mission, giving us an opportunity to make a real impact in the State of California.”

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