“Is your mission going to change under your leadership?”

As a new CEO, it’s a question I am getting often from customers, partners, and employees. The answer is both yes and no.

For the last 5 years, we have broken new ground in social services by rethinking the focus of human services software. In a world where workflows have been focused on document handling and document management, our founder had the vision to create an offering that put the person at the center of the interaction and moved from a document-centric view of the world to a human-centric view of the world.

That vision and that focus stands at the core of what we do every day, focusing on how to improve outcomes in social services with the help of technology. Our early efforts in Child Welfare with partners in Indiana and California have shown this approach to not only be revolutionary but also tremendously effective.

At the same time, the technology world has been evolving, bringing about a world of new possibilities. Future version of the Casebook platform will leverage those advances to help improve outcomes further across the whole social services landscape. 

Our relentless dedication to outcome-focused solutions should lift the whole vendor industry to solutions that will make it easier for our customers and partners to dramatically improve the lives of people through technology-based offerings.

The patent-pending award-winning Casebook platform has led the charge in helping child welfare agencies improve their efforts to help some of the neediest cases. You will soon hear from us how we are taking this effort to a new level while keeping our unique human-centric approach to software design whole.

Our future is bright and I’m delighted to join in a journey that will help us improve the quality of software across the  social services market. There is still much work that needs to be done, and while we are not so bold as to claim we have the ultimate solution to all of the issues in the social services market, we continue our hard work every day to improve the lives of people through better software solutions.

Tristan Louis