Casebook PBC Releases New Provider Management Software Solution for Human Services

Casebook PBC, the developers of the Casebook Platform for human services, has released its latest product offering, Casebook Provider Management solution. The Solution-as-a-Service is comprised of three business applications, cb: track, cb: admin, and cb: mobile. These modular and scalable business applications are an evolution of Casebook’s award-winning software, built with input from human services experts and informed by years of user research. Casebook Provider Management is built upon the Casebook Platform, and like all Casebook solutions, it is purpose-built for human services and is configurable to meet the unique needs of agencies and nonprofits of any size.

The solution allows human services agencies and nonprofits to manage service providers through the full lifecycle, including recruiting, licensing, and renewals. This system also supports a complete directory of providers and gives a comprehensive picture of an organization’s service array. “A key need for human services today is the ability to license, track, and communicate with and about the different providers they work with. Our new solution leverages the Casebook Platform’s core data model to simplify and speed up every step in the management of providers.” Said Tristan Louis, President & CEO of Casebook PBC. Other key features of the Provider Management solution include the ability to integrate with existing systems, offline mobility options, and the utilization of innovative natural-language-processing technology to reduce the time for data entry, increase accuracy, and search existing records in real-time. 

Casebook’s Provider Management solution is also defined by its ability to be quickly implemented. Casebook PBC’s implementation methodology, Casebook Lightspeed, informed by years of experience working with government agencies and nonprofit customers, helps organizations rapidly implement and integrate Casebook into their business process. “You get an intuitive solution in the hands of your staff faster, and on the back-end, you don’t need such a heavy lift.” said Chief Product Officer Nicole Reece.

“Casebook Provider Management puts modern technology, built with input from human services practitioners and designed to support large states, into the hands of workers at a price nearly any organization can afford. We take our responsibility as a Public Benefit Corporation and B-Corp seriously and prioritize social impact in everything we do.” said Executive Vice President Brian Johnson.

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