We Can’t Remain Silent

As a company dedicated to better outcomes in human services through technology, we spend a lot of time thinking about our society and the children and families who are most vulnerable. Internally we seek to create a culture of diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect and understanding, and as such, we must not remain silent on the issue of institutional and systemic racism.

We are heartbroken by the senseless death of George Floyd and the ongoing pain and anger we see across the country. We dream of an America where differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, orientation, and expression is celebrated, and where any person, in any zip code, has equal opportunity and is treated with the respect their humanity demands.

Casebook PBC stands in support of justice in all cases where power is being abused to oppress people. We recommit to the difficult internal work to ensure that we remain welcoming and inclusive, and we call on all other organizations in the United States to stand with us in addressing injustice and fighting racism and discrimination in all its forms. We choose to have hope for a more just, free, and equitable society.

– Casebook PBC