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What Being a Certified B Corp Means to Us

Casebook PBC is proud to be a Certified B Corp. Being a Certified B Corp means that Casebook PBC doesn’t just profess to want to make a positive impact on the world, but that our company is actually creating and prioritizing real, beneficial change. To us, the B Lab’s certification is a signifier that our company is genuinely committed to helping others and being a responsible, sustainable, and ethical corporate citizen that is considerate of employees, local communities, and customers.

Casebook PBC believes that the world’s most challenging problems are best addressed through a combination of knowledge, innovation, and commitment, a belief that is embodied in our public benefit purpose and that we feel is also reflected by our B Corp certification. Our mission is to deliver the best possible technology products to frontline workers providing critical assistance to people in need, empowering community well-being through the delivery of adaptive, person-centric, research-based, and practice-driven software. In addition to this specific public benefit purpose, Casebook PBC also aspires to be a considerate and responsive employer that provides our employees with exceptional benefits and policies, including numerous opportunities to give back to their communities and others in need. By operating in an ethical and considerate manner, we ensure that both our employees and our customers are supported in their goals. The B Corp certification is one of many means by which we hold ourselves accountable to these ambitious principles.

Our corporate values are another instrument for holding our company and our employees accountable to our mission. They include the concepts of Impact, Customer Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation, and Accountability. These values were selected by our employees as the concepts that they felt best reflected the company’s mission and identity, and that they believed would help keep our team focused on creating meaningful public benefits. We believe that integrating these core values into our daily work lives help keep our team committed to our daunting but essential undertaking, while still operating with respect for others and ensuring that our work is responsive to the actual needs of vulnerable populations and organizations engaged in critical efforts to help at-risk individuals.

At Casebook PBC, we build software to make people’s lives better. We also believe in achieving this goal in a responsible manner that doesn’t ignore the well-being of the company’s own employees and the communities in which we live. This commitment makes us better equipped to promote improved outcomes for disadvantaged children and youth through advocating for better technology, data, analysis, and decision-making in human services, and the B Corp certification helps us (and others) assess how we are prioritizing that mission. The B Lab helps us be a better version of Casebook PBC.

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